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Alcoholic beverages that are packaged by the establishment are open containers and may not be transported in a motor vehicle except in the vehicle's trunk; or, if there is no trunk, the container may be kept in some other area of the vehicle that is not normally occupied by the drive or passengers (which does not include a utility compartment or glove compartment (Vehicle Code Section 23225). Further, such beverage may not be consumed in public or in any other area where open containers are prohibited by law.



At Your Casa!

Taco Tuesday

3 StrEet Tacos
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three tacos on a white dish with lemon and avocado sauce
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Topped with cilantro & onions


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Our Famous

Bean Dip

Our delicious, exclusive bean dip is our very own recipe found nowhere else in Santa Clarita Valley.

azul tequilas bean dip in a bowl


We're serving up authentic Mexican cooking on the daily, using only the freshest locally-sourced ingredients and our family's signature recipes. Trust us -- one taste of our famous chorizo-simmered bean dip, and you'll be right back in Abuelita's kitchen. Because why mess with a good thing?

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Get Happy


3PM - 7PM

two tacos with grounded meat vegetables and a lime




Different Tequila

Our Happy Customers

"Amazing food. Best guacamole dip I have ever had! They make it to order in front of you. Highly recommend and the owners and staff are very friendly and personable."
"We visited 6 flags Magic Mountain and wanted to have Mexican food after we left. The place has a very nice set up and the food was great. I was afraid the food would not be authentic Mexican food but the flavor was great. I would truly recommend this spot."
"From out of town and showed up just in time to be able to benefit for the happy hour. Great food, friendly and tentative staff. Reasonable prices and delicious drinks. Would definitely recommend"
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